The Calgary Fibre Arts Fair! Amazing...

What is it called when you have 100's of yarnies surrounded by fiber fumes??  The Calgary Fibre Arts Fair.  

It  was a fantastic day.  Such a blast meeting new yarnies and seeing all my favourite people (minus a few who happened to be out of town...)  We have such an amazing group of talented fibre folks in our town.  So lucky.  It was a challenge not to run out of our booth and shop like a crazy woman but I mostly *sort of* restrained myself.

I had some super helpers for the fair.  My son Jacob was my set up guy.  Awesome helper.  My number one Minion, Mandy, was so great to hang with me for the morning!

 Love this Trio cowl.  Mandy posed for me with our newest design.  These will be available in our shop this week in a variety of colours.  

Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with yarny possibilities!!

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