Potato Chip Knitting

Potato Chip Knitting

I love to knit.  I always have a knitting project close by.  Knitting makes me happy, relaxed and peaceful.  I am always on the go and the feeling of yarn sliding through my fingers, the repetitive motions and the way yarn always knits up differently than I think it will, makes my heart sing.

But not always.  Even great ideas can cause great frustration.  As a knitter of 30+ years, I feel pretty confident that I know what I am doing.  However, sometimes I can't count.  To four.  Sometimes I can't read my knitting.  I know I am not alone.  I see it all the time.  A knitter will be happily going along and then there is the pause.  The quick glance at her fingers.  The pause again.  A closer examination of the knitting.  And that's when it happens...peace no longer!

In comes potato chip knitting.  For me, this is a project I can knit in the dark at the movies.  I can watch a hockey game and really answer the questions asked by my players (Mom, did you see that top shelf goal? - only answer to this, even if you were counting your stitches and missed it,  is "Awesome effort, really tough shot!)

Cables, lace, colourwork - not potato chip knitting in my world.  If it is in your world, WOW!

I love me a good stockinette sock, a striping shawl or even a quick hat in bulky yarn.

So where is this going?  When I dyed up this month's Iris Gradient, 24 colours around the colour wheel starting with fuscia...total potato chip knitting.  The colours do all the work.

I immediately cast on a new tubular scarf.  It will be stripes, it will be awesome and it will go to many hockey games this season.

What is your favourite potato chip knitting project?


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