Happy New Year!  Resolutions anyone?

Happy New Year! Resolutions anyone?

Happy New Year!

I love starting fresh with the New Year.  It's a fantastic way to take a look around and refocus my energy.  And resolutions, always resolutions.  But what are my resolutions?  All knitting related.  That's right, no weight loss, get organized, save money resolutions over here (these are all great ideas but I like to focus on fun and that means fiber and yarn).

Last year I planned to stretch my horizons with learning new techniques - colour work and designing patterns - and teaching.  It was a very successful year.

I love knitting, I love patterns, I love yarn.  I love the possibilities more than anything else.  I love casting on for a new project and finding the perfect yarn for that pattern I just had to have.  This is fantastic, a super way to knit but it does provide a few challenges.  I run out of the needles...all the time.  And I have a lot of needles.  My second challenge is that while I knit almost every waking moment (I really do...its a great life) I don't finish very much.  I should be drowning in sweaters, scarves and socks and my family and friends should be too.  Not exactly.  

So, what's a knitter to do?  I could buy more needles but this year I am going to ruthlessly go through all my WIPs (works in progress) and decide what makes the cut and what hits the bin.  Let me just state for the record that this is a really tough project in itself because, as I go through all my bins and drawers, I find lots of projects and start knitting on them before I even realize.  I have also caught myself scrolling through Ravelry looking for a new pattern for some yarn I uncovered and didn't remember I owned...

I know some of my knitting friends are cringing right now, not sure how things got so crazy at Chez Sea Turtle.  I know wonderful knitters, disciplined knitters who start a project and finish it.  All in the same calendar year.  Hats off to you folks, its truly impressive.  I am going to inch my way over to this while still knowing I will always cast on more than I cast off.

I learned a few things preparing for this Project Revamp plan:

1. Do not do this when your teenaged boys are home.  There have been several comments made that should have resulted in someone getting stabbed with a knitting needle.  However, my boys are pretty fast moving so I missed...

2. Never ever knit a long cardigan in cotton in my size.  What should have been waist length is almost knee length now.  Way too heavy.  FROG IT.

3. How many blankets should one start with Noro?  Holy cow, people...I found three in one bucket.  Sadly the Lizard Ridge afghan didn't make the cut but a lap blanket and the Miter Squares will be heading our way 2016.

4. It will take me until June to get through all the projects I have started.

I hope you have a wonderful yarny 2016 filled with great projects and possibilities!  I am off to play with sticks and string...




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