A Big Update on Saturday, May 30 @ 10am MST

A Big Update on Saturday, May 30 @ 10am MST

We will be having a big update on Saturday, May 30 at 10am MST.  We would normally be greeting you at the Edmonton Fibre Frolic on Saturday, our booth filled with bright and cheerful yarn.  Fiber Shows are one of my favourite things, having a chance to chat with all our yarn friends about projects, colours and new patterns.

However, this EFF has been cancelled and STFA will, instead, be having our show virtually and online.  We will have lots of self striping yarn, Evil Twins, sock yarn and sweater yarn as well as spinning fiber and gradient sets.

And the best part??  Everything in our shop will be 25% but only for the weekend!  The sale will begin at 10am MST and will end at 5pm MST on Sunday night.

Hope to see you there!


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