Casting On - Our Sock KAL starts today!

Casting On - Our Sock KAL starts today!

Happy Sunday everyone!  It is cold and blustery here in Western Canada and the perfect time to add more socks to our collections.  

Socks make great gifts, only use one skein (unless you are making knee highs or have a giant foot recipient) and are just plain fun. is the day.  Cast on your favourite socks, with your awesome Sea Turtle yarn, and let's get knitting. If you want to crochet your socks, also awesome.

Have you picked out one of our signature STFA patterns?  Our Cool Name Socks or our Sea Turtle Socks are a blast to knit.

Knit one pair or knit 5 pairs, its all up to you.  Each pair of socks (with picture so we can oooh and aaah) is an entry into our draw.  If you also choose to knit one of our patterns...that will be 3, yup 3!, entries into the KAL draw.

Only rule is, they have to be finished and photographed and posted by December 31.  Our draw will be on January 1st.

You have lots of time so if you want to pick new yarn for this, our kits are available online.  If there are colours you like, let me know and I will be happy to make a kit for you!

I am thinking..Dyenamite with Bruises for my Cool Name Socks...


or maybe Mojito and Charcoal.


The possibilities are endless.  What are you planning? 


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