I Must Knit All Things!

I Must Knit All Things!

I love knitting.  I love everything about knitting.  Finding a wonderful pattern, picking out the perfect yarn, the swatching...it's all so much fun.  The potential is so exciting.

I also knit a lot.  All the time.  Probably 3+ hours a day.  This is a very handy thing for someone who runs a yarn business.

You would also think that my obsession has me surrounded by gorgeous sweaters, thick, cushy blankets, warm socks and toasty ears.  NO!  Do not fool yourself, that is not what happens here.

I am the Queen of WIPs.  For non knitters, this means Works In Progress.  I have so many projects on the needles and so many needles.  (usually can't find the 4.5mm circs but I refuse to buy another set)

If you see me wearing a sweater, it is probably from Costco.  Two sleeves are a dead giveaway.

But you want to know something?  This doesn't bother me at all.  I embrace my sporadic knitting habits and my eclectic project bags.  I love the casting on and I will continue to cast on every time the mojo strikes.  If I don't make one more sweater (to the bitter end), that's fine.  I am having fun.

I know I am not the only one out there, wearing mismatched socks or a sweater that looks like a vest...but wasn't supposed to be.

And someday, I will finish something and I will wear it with pride.

Enjoy your knitting adventures, I do!

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