Knitting is my meditation

Knitting is my meditation

The last 13 months have been - well, awful, right?

There have been so many stressors, worries and thoughts, some that we deal with directly and some that just add that layer of "are you freaking kidding me" to our lives.

From wild fires, murder hornets, wave after wave of Covid 19, elections and protests, so many challenging issues have been facing our world right now.  I have bounced from wishing I could get out, make a difference and help people to wanting to hibernate in my home, surrounded by my children, dogs and husband.

I am so grateful for what I have; a safe home, food on the table - even if you blink and its gone (4 teenage boys are locusts) - a business that keeps on going and friends and family only a phone call away.  And even with all these blessings, I feel a low hum of anxiety in my stomach.  A constant twitchy fear, waiting for the next big thing to hit the news.  Fear for my kids as they go to school or head to work.

But I turn to knitting and to yarn for comfort, I always have.  Difficult pregnancies and loss - I knit, the loss of my beloved grandparents - I knit.  Through big and little stressors - whether it's a hockey game or a doom-filled news report, the yarn soothes my worries as it slides through my fingers.  The simple movements, repeated over and over, calm the fears a little, provide a small reprieve.  I am so thankful I have my knitting.

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