Sea Turtle Yarn in the Wild

Sea Turtle Yarn in the Wild

I love seeing STFA yarn in the wild.  It is thrilling to see a picture or a post, our yarn out there with you, having fun.

At a fibre show, the excitement is even greater when I can see the project and the knitter in person!  It is my favourite thing at a show.  I could hug all you knitters who pull a sock or a sweater out of a bag, sometimes still on the needles, to show me.  It makes me so happy.  Thank you.

So you can imagine my delite when Valerie of Aveline Knits showed me her beautiful child's sweater designed in our Ridley Sock.  See the link below...

It is a perfect child's sweater, so sweet without being too much.  Knit up in our Rainbow Brite colourway, the stitch definition was perfect to highlight the pops of rainbow colours.

Valerie plans to make more sizes available while I try to decide if I could make one for my neice in time for her birthday!

Thank you Valerie for showing us your lovely sweater and pattern!

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